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Page 1 of 2 - Auto-Mix (PUG) v1.1.9-F - posted in Amxx plugins (Private source): and add pimpspug.amxx and stats_pug.amxx on a new separate line. Can i make a server with 11 Slots, but the clan match should start on 10 Slots 6 Menus Front-End 1.8.2 AMXX Dev Team menufront.amxx running. Auto Restart Round Approved Plugins. amx_autorr_enable Defaut 1 Enable Or Disable Plugin amx_autorr_cds Default. CSDM Mod requires AMX Mod X 1.60 or higher. Most plugins will require the The module automatically respawns players whenever a player joins, a round restarts, or a player dies. Thanks to KWo, who helped maintain CSDM 1.6-1.7 while it was in decay. CSDM is now a module, controlled by separate plugins.

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